Storytime on demand


once upon a time...

there was a mother who loved her kids, Bob & Joey. She was a very busy mother, and couldn't play with her kids all day long. Instead they watched TV, which made her sad. So, she started a little company, and called it fairytale.care. Now,  kids everywhere could experience the joy of... 

story-time on demand. 






story lovers


the Details

Fill out the short form below, and you'll get a link sent to your email. Click the link and you'll find a lovable and captivating storyteller who will engage your kids via Google Hangouts. While you finish cooking supper and doing the laundry, your kids will be learning, interacting, and having a great time.  All of our storytellers are carefully selected, highly rated, and super friendly. 


Just $3.99  for half an hour

First five minutes are FREE.

Make sure you love it before paying!


Have us read your favorite book.

We'll read you our favorites. 

We'll share stories not in any books. 

Maybe you'll get a puppet show too!